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The Process of Joining the Air Force

There are many men and women who dream of joining the Air Force and other branches of the military. Needless to say, it takes strong individuals—both mentally and physically—to server their country as members of the military. Because of this, candidates who wish to be a part of the Air Force have to meet several […]

Thе History of Thе Amеrісаn Flаg

Fоr centuries, the Amеrісаn flаg has bееn a ѕуmbоl оf frееdоm and pride in thе United Stаtеѕ. Evеr since 911, thеу hаvе bесоmе fіxturеѕ on mаnу mоrе hоuѕеѕ and buіldіngѕ асrоѕѕ thе country. It wаѕ аѕ іf our flаg wаѕ a symbol thаt we are ѕtіll оnе people and wіll rеmаіn ѕtаndіng strong against thе […]

15 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day, observed on the fourth day of July each year, is one of America’s most celebrated holidays. This holiday commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776), which established the United States of America as its own, new nation, apart from the British Empire. Each year people all over America celebrate this holiday by engaging in many […]

14 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor individuals who have lost their lives while serving our nation. For many Americans, Memorial Day is a reminder that there is a cost for freedom and unfortunately sometimes that cost results in the loss of the courageous lives of men and women in the service. Because […]

The Big Debate: Should Women be Subject to the Draft?

The U.S. Department of Defense’s decision to let women serve in combat jobs has drawn attention to the selective service. This institution has, for many years, been forgotten because the U.S. hasn’t issued a military draft for so long. The 1973 military draft required that all men register within a period of 30 days once […]