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United We Stand

For centuries America has been known as the “home of the free, and the land of the brave”; and it is a number our brave men and women who are currently leading the relief efforts in several recently devastated parts of the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan plowed through much of the region nearly a week […]

2013 Brings in over $20 million in Contracts

The Kentucky division of Carter Industries, Inc. was recently awarded a $9,244,800 firm-fixed-price contract for the production of improved combat vehicle crewman universal camouflage coveralls. Production efforts, by Kentucky and New York, are set to be completed by June 30th 2014 and will be sponsored by the Defense Working Capital funds. The ICVC coveralls feature […]

New ICVC Contract

Carter Industries Inc.**, Olive Hill, Ky., has been award a maximum $9,244,800 modification (P00012) exercising the second option year for improved combat vehicle crewman’s (ICVC), universal camouflage pattern coveralls. The contract is a firm-fixed-price contract. Locations of performance are Kentucky and New York with a July 30, 2014 performance completion date. Using service is Army. […]

Nomex Flight Suits – How does Nomex Protect

Although uncommon, fires do occasionally break out in the cockpit and other areas of planes. Soaring at tens of thousands of feet high leaves little room for error, and a fire certainly complicates things. It is of utmost importance for the professionals aboard airplanes to be assured that they are protected in the event of […]

Carter Industries Inc. $12.4 Million Contract

Carter Industries Inc.**, Olive Hill, Ky., has been awarded a maximum $12,441,600 modification exercising the second option year for sage green, flyer’s coveralls.  The modification is a firm-fixed-price contract.  Location of performance is Kentucky with an April 15, 2014, performance completion date. Using military services are Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.  Type of appropriation […]

Fire Resistant Fabrics: Different Types And Uses

Many of the items of clothing we purchase have to meet certain fire resistant standards by OSHA. But for certain people in certain professions, a higher level of fire resistant clothing and fabrics is not only important, it is essential to keep them safe in their regular job duties. Among some of the most recognized […]

The History of the Modern Nomex Flight Suit

The modern flight suit is light weight, designed to be keep the pilot warm during flight and provide the pilot with the most optimal protection in case something should go wrong while in flight.  As you can imagine this wasn’t always the case, the quality flight suits like everything else improved over time as new […]

Types of Flight Suits Used Around the World

Flight suits that are worn around the world are recognized by their distinguishing features. What is a Flight Suit? A flight suit is a full body piece of clothing that is also commonly referred to as a jumpsuit. These flight suites (Jumpsuits) usually are designed to be flame-retardant. They have also been shown to be […]