14 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor individuals who have lost their lives while serving our nation. For many Americans, Memorial Day is a reminder that there is a cost for freedom and unfortunately sometimes that cost results in the loss of the courageous lives of men and women in the service. Because of this, although Memorial Day has become somewhat of a fun and festive holiday, it is important that we don’t lose sight of the true reason we celebrate it. Here are 15 ways to celebrate Memorial Day and everything the holiday stands for:


  1. Take a trip to the cemetery to visit the graves of fallen soldiers.
  2. Take part in the National Moment of Remembrance (3 pm local time).
  3. Collect money for a veterans’ charity.
  4. Attend a Memorial Day parade.
  5. Host a family bar-b-que.
  6. Show your patriotism by sporting red, white, and blue.
  7. Create a care package for an oversees soldier.
  8. Organize a family picnic.
  9. Display the U.S. flag in your front yard.
  10. Decorate your home and yard
  11. Teach your children about the history of Memorial Day.
  12. Volunteer at a veterans’ hospital.
  13. Visit a military history museum.
  14. Place U.S. flags near tombstones of fallen soldiers.