15 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day, observed on the fourth day of July each year, is one of America’s most celebrated holidays. This holiday commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776), which established the United States of America as its own, new nation, apart from the British Empire. Each year people all over America celebrate this holiday by engaging in many festive activities. Below we have listed 15 activities that you and your family can participate in as a way to honor Independence Day.

  1. Attend a 4th of July parade

  2. Host a BBQ for friends and family

  3. Decorate your lawn/house with American flags and patriotic colors

  4. Make your own American flag

  5. Attend an outdoor carnival

  6. Host a patriotic picnic

  7. Visit a local American history museum

  8. Wear red, white and blue attire

  9. Learn about the history of the American flag and flag folding protocol

  10. Find holiday themed arts and crafts projects for the kids

  11. Perform you own fireworks show

  12. Host a neighborhood cookout

  13. Decorate with red, white and blue

  14. Teach kids about the history of Independence Day

  15. Attend a fireworks display/show