3 Reasons to Choose a Nomex Flight Suit

Why choose a Nomex flight suit?

Carter Industries Inc. has been in business for more than two decades and is responsible for designing and creating premium military apparel. A favorite of the US army, the Nomex Flight Suit brings together the latest technology and a deep understanding of clothing design: the result is a premium garment that is as comfortable as it is functional.


The Nomex Flight Suit is similar to a jumpsuit in design but made specifically for wearing while flying – whether in a military aircraft, helicopter or glider – it’s an essential piece of kit that keeps the wearer safe and warm at high altitudes.


Need more convincing on why the Nomex Flight Suit is the best option on the market? Here are three compelling reasons to choose Carter’s creation when looking for the best flight suit.



1 – It’s Made from High-Quality Material

Crafted in the USA, the official Nomex Flight Suit is made from material of the best quality. Nomex is a fabric made from the synthetic fabric Aramid. The way that Aramid is constructed makes the end result strong and durable yet lightweight for ease of movement. Nomex provides reliable protection without restriction, allowing the wearer freedom and flexibility so they can perform to the best of their capabilities. Imitations of the suit often compromise on quality, making them less durable and giving the wearer less flexibility. For genuine, quality Nomex you can trust, always opt for a Carter Flight Suit.


2 – It’s Very Comfortable

Comfort is essential when moving around an aircraft. The Nomex Flight Suit is designed to keep the wearer warm, dry and unrestricted at all times. Aviators are operating at a high altitude where the temperature can be sub-zero, and in high pressure situations that require fast reactions: the Nomex suit allows freedom of movement and gives the wearer the comfort they need to do their job effectively and efficiently.


3 – It’ll Keep You Safe

Safety is the number one priority when designing premium flight apparel. Carter understands the way a body interacts with clothing, and the strict requirements for safety that are unique to being inside an aircraft. The Nomex Flight Suit is fire-retardant, which protects aviators if a fire were to occur. There are also many pockets in the suit, which makes it very practical for carrying tools and equipment. The suit is also colored in tan or khaki to make the wearer camouflaged when undertaking military operations. To find out more about the safety features of the Nomex suit, check out Carter’s information on suit safety.



Investing in a quality Nomex suit means making an investment for the future. These revolutionary flight suits are durable, comfortable and packed with all the safety features you need to feel secure and confident when you’re in the air.


The Nomex Flight Suit is the result of years of research and innovation, and we’re proud to give our troops the apparel they deserve. Our suits are always in high demand, so we have a


Carter is the only official producer of Nomex, and the only place where customers can buy the genuine article.