5 Things you Should Know about Donald Trump, President Elect

Last week, America voted for its new president. Donald Trump, the candidate that was not seen as favorable by the polls made prior to the elections, managed to win after all. Until the January the 20th, when he will officially take his place as leader of the country, Donald Trump is making all the preparations required to make the transition smooth. What would you need to know about the new American president? Here are five things you should know about Donald Trump.

Trump will be the oldest sworn president in the history of the United States


Even if Donald Trump seems to be full of energy, he is beyond his youthful years. The new president has 70 years old, becoming this way the oldest president that was ever sworn into the office. But again, age is just a number, so if Trump decided that he can handle the situation, no one could argue with him. And he did handle the situation, convincing millions of Americans to vote for him.

He convinced his father to develop his business


After graduating from college, Trump started working for his father, as the path was already set in the business domain. But, he didn’t settle just to work and do nothing about it. He convinced his father to develop his business and take in new opportunities in the real estate niche. Trump’s father stated that anything his son touches will eventually turn into gold, as noted in Donald Trump’s biography. This is something that no one can deny, as Trump did manage to build an impressive business empire and become a wealthy and powerful businessman.

He doesn’t believe that the global warming phenomenon is real


Although the scientific world is keep talking about global warming, coming with evidence that the weather around the world is changing, pointing out to the causes of these changes as well, Donald Trump believes that this is not a real fact. He believes that this is just a big fat joke. So he plans not to listen to any of this nonsense and continue with his plans, seriously considering getting out from the Paris Agreement.

He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Most people started knowing Trump after he started appearing in the televised show The Apprentice, where young people dreamed about ending up being successful businesspersons. Trump was a part of the jury, of course. For his activity in the show, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, back in 2007. So don’t be surprised to see his name over there.

He had nothing to do with the politics or military before


In comparison with any other people that ended up running the United States, Donald Trump has nothing in his career connected to politics or military. He never had a public office, so the first time for him would be from the position of president. He was very successful in the business domain, so let us hope he will be as successful in politics as well.