A New Use for our Suits: 313 Ghostbusters

When we ship out one of our NOMEX suits, we expect a pilot to be flying in it. However, there are more uses than you would think!

While they may not be flying, they’re stopping the flying ghosts! The 313 Ghostbusters in Detroit are a passionate group of people that bring joy to the community by bustin’ some ghosts and keeping the city safe.


We had an interview with one of the Ghostbusters, George, about what his organization does and the impact that they have on the Detroit.


What is your organization?

Bustin’ makes us feel good because we do good! 313 Ghostbusters is a group of folks that have come together to do some good in Detroit. Ghostbusters fandom spreads all over the world and we are using our own love for the franchise to help give back- right here in Detroit! There is a positively charged response when we are seen at events which gives us the perfect platform to discuss local drives, charities, and fundraisers with fans. We also love to take photos and give people the opportunity to quote the movie with us, ask us who we are going to call and use our equipment.

As Ghostbusters, we promise to: 1. Use our guise as Ghostbusters to help local charities. 2. Act and imply that we are actual “Ghostbusters” at events. 3. Bring smiles and photographic opportunities to all. 4. HAVE FUN


How do you use your flight suit?

I wear my flight suit all over the Metro-Detroit area doing charity work as a member of the 313 Ghostbusters. I’ve worn it raising money for the Detroit Children’s Center, participating in the annual Detroit Autism Hero Walk, and visiting patients at the Detroit Children’s Hospital just to name a few occasions.


How did you start doing this?

For over 10 years I’ve been making costumes as mostly a hobby. About 2 years ago I made a pair of elaborate Ghostbuster costumes for my wife and myself for Halloween. Little did I know there was a huge Ghostbusters presence in the Detroit area. Shortly after posting a picture on Facebook, I was contacted by other Ghostbusters and found myself joining this wonderful fandom and charity group.


Why do you do it?

Just about the only thing I love more than making costumes is working with charities and non-profits. Getting to do meaningful work, raise money for great causes, and bring smiles to faces is just about the most rewarding thing I can do with my time.


How long have you been bustin’ ghosts?

I’ve been a charitable Ghostbuster for about 2 years as of this October.


Why do kids love it?

I think why kids love it, is the same reason I love it. I can think back to when I was little-watching something I could really enjoy with my dad. It is all about how you connect with the things you like. The idea of being or seeing a Ghostbusters to a kid makes life less scary. It represents silly fun that a kid or adult can connect with instantly in a meaningful way.


Do you have any stories worth sharing?

I pretty much have to go have an ugly cry after most of our children based events. The kids we work with are usually experiencing some pretty difficult points of their life. I can think about a dozen stories of seeing a kid’s face light up and say how excited they are to meet us, tell us just about their entire life story, and ask to become a team member either on the spot or when they grow up.


If you want to learn more or show some support for their cause, please check them out here:

Website: https://www.313ghostbusters.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/313Ghostbusters/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/313ghostbusters/