Air Force Flight Suit Regulations

Air Force Flight Suit Regulations

What Are The Air Force Flight Suit Regulations?

Flight suits are full body garments that are worn while flying military airplanes, helicopters, gliders and other aircraft. Generally, these suits are made for keeping the wearer comfortable and warm. They are also practical thanks to their many pockets and also durable thanks to the strong nature of the material and its fire retardant properties. Similar in appearance to a jumpsuit, military flight suits also often show the wearer’s rank insignia and they are often used as combat uniforms due to their practicality. However, there are many Air Force flight suit regulations that must be complied with, so read on to discover more about the CWU 27/P Nomex flight suit.

The Current Standards

Currently, the flight suit which is standard for the Air Force is made from Nomex. This is a fabric that is made out of lightweight spun aramid which is also fire-resistant. Its flame-retardant capabilities make it the ideal choice for protectors aircraft personnel should a fire occur onboard. Often, the suit will be desert tan or green in color and will feature many pockets to hold specific items such as clear plastic pockets on the thigh which is intended for housing maps of the planned flight path. Although there are several different styles, cuts and color of Nomex flight suit available as well as various variations in Nomex flight suit price. The current model for America’s military personnel is the CWU 27/P Nomex flight suit which comes in both desert tan and sage green. Civilians can also wear commercial flight suits and can find out more about how to choose the best fit to meet their needs by checking their measurements against those on a CWU-27P flight suit size chart.

Future Changes In The Regulations

Recently, changes were made in the regulations to authorize two-piece flight suits to be worn by air crewmen both on deployment or at their home stations as part of the ongoing review of uniforms in the Air Force to ensure the best possible usefulness and fit. Two piece suits will consist of a blouse and pants instead of a jumpsuit style outfit. Some airmen have already been wearing these two-piece suits for some time in theaters of combat, but Air Force aircrews will also still be authorized to wear one-piece flight suits for the foreseeable future. This allows squadron commanders to have more flexibility when making decisions about combat uniform to suit what best meets the needs of their airmen on specific missions. While these changes were set to come into place on 1st September 2020, this has not yet happened due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the one-piece flight suit will still be in use by Air Force personnel for some time to come, ensuring comfort and practicality for air crews whatever work they are carrying out.