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Nomex flight suit | Why Our Customers Choose To Purchase Their Flight Suit From Carter Industries

Why Our Customers Choose To Purchase Their Flight Suit From Carter Industries Carter Industries has been around since the 1990s, and it has since formed a formidable reputation for manufacturing high-quality flight suits. In fact, we are currently the only official supplier of 27/p Nomex Flight Suit and ICVC Crewman’s coveralls to the U.S. Defense […]

The Newest Innovation In Flight Suit Technology

The Newest Innovation In Flight Suit Technology There’s an old saying that goes, “clothes make the man.” Essentially, the proverb usually alludes to one’s appearance. However, when it comes to flight suits, functionality should ideally come before form. When the first flight suits appeared during the First World War, they were simply intended to protect […]

How To Properly Maintain Your Nomex Flight Suit

How to Maintain your Nomex flight suit. A Nomex flight suit is a critical part of any pilot’s uniform. Yes, they do look cool. But flight suits serve a purpose. As a pilot, like in any other profession, it’s always important to dress for the job. A Nomex flight suit helps protect the wearer from […]

Why Nomex Flight Suits are The Right Choice For You

Health and safety are a top priority in any workplace and aviation is no different. To keep pilots safe, it’s often recommended that they wear a Nomex flight suit underneath everything. Essentially, wearing a flight suit is a matter of personal preference. But for pilots at high risk of accidents, a Nomex flight suit can […]

Benefits of Military Coveralls

The cardinal rule for any job is that you should always dress for the job. And like every profession, military personnel are also required to maintain a certain dress code. In particular, they should ideally own a good pair of coveralls. Unlike overalls, coveralls provide full coverage, excluding the head and the hands, of course, […]

5 Flights Suits Worn Around The World And Their Benefits

Flight suits are an essential part of any army or airforce pilot’s outfit. They are designed from flame-retardant material but also possess other properties like fade and stain resistance. Why these properties? Well, flight suits are instrumental to protecting pilots against fire and g-forces when exercising their duty. Think of them as the ultimate protection. […]

Everything a Fighter Pilot Wears in the Cockpit

Fighter pilots look cool, but you will be spellbound by how impressive their gear is once you meet them in action. It is not about the looks, though, and it’s more about the functionality. There is nothing a fighter pilot puts on that they are not supposed to wear. Every piece of kit and gear […]