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How Nomex Suits can Help in a Cockpit Fire

Cockpit fires are a rare occurrence; however, they do happen. It doesn’t matter if your plane is a small Cessna, a jumbo airliner, or a fighter jet, all aircraft are susceptible to fire, especially in the cockpit where there are many intricate wiring routes to the control panel and instruments. If you are one who […]

How Military Gear Has Evolved in the Last Century

The US military has seen many changes since its inception. During the Revolutionary War, and Civil Wars, the soldiers wore uniforms made of wool with little protective gear for themselves, let alone from the elements. Men froze to death or suffered from frostbite during the winter of the Revolutionary War because they did not have […]

Who Was the First African American Aviator During WWI?

World War I began in 1914 and involved not only the US, but Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Italy. Only about 15-20 years earlier the airplane was invented which drastically changed warfare. Fighters and pilots during this time courageously faced enemy forces, and many lost their lives for their […]

Aramid – The Unique Fabric of the Nomex Flight Suit

The Nomex Flight Suit is an essential uniform that protects hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women in the US military. DuPont developed the fibers for the Nomex material in the early 1960’s. The fibers consist of para-aramid and meta-aramid fibers. The combination of these durable, flame-retardant fibers is found in bullet-proof vests, firefighter uniforms, […]

Famous Women and Their Role During the Civil War

The Civil War was one of the worst wars in American history because it claimed so many lives, including soldiers, as well as civilians. This war was a turning point and the deciding factor that determined the union or division of the States. Our school’s textbooks sing the praises of some famous people who served […]