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A Look At The Future Of Flight

   The Future of Flight   Man has always been fascinated with flight, with mythical tales dating back to ancient times, such as Icarus. In China at around 400 BC, the discovery was made that kites could fly in the air and since then, humans have been obsessed with the idea of flying themselves.   […]

Why Safety Is Key For Pilots

Why you should take every precaution when it comes to Flight Safety Although pilots are always highly trained, it is still vital to take every possible precaution when flying to ensure that any unexpected event can be addressed without any excessive risks. There are many essential precautions which should be taken before taking off on […]

3 Reasons to Choose a Nomex Flight Suit

Why choose a Nomex flight suit? Carter Industries Inc. has been in business for more than two decades and is responsible for designing and creating premium military apparel. A favorite of the US army, the Nomex Flight Suit brings together the latest technology and a deep understanding of clothing design: the result is a premium […]

High Quality Products Guaranteed

High Quality Flight Suits and Coveralls   The quality of suits and overalls made by us at Carter Industries has been given the highest honor. We now supply our quality products to the brave soldiers and pilots in the US military. Check out the options below to learn about three of our most celebrated creations. […]

A look at Buzz Aldrin’s Life

Thank You Buzz Aldrin   Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr., or more universally recognizable, Buzz Aldrin, is a prime example of someone who has achieved in multiple areas to become a monumental figure in the history of mankind. From his early days as a fighter pilot to his development into one of the most celebrated and […]

What Does NIR Compliant Mean?

Military Grade Flight Suits When it comes to the heat of battle, just the tiniest of tactics can make all the difference for survival. One of the best tactics being, shield yourself from the enemy while knowing exactly where they are. Which is why NIR-Compliant uniforms are so vital for the military. NIR-Compliance refers to […]

The Pilot That Captured the Heart of a Country

Charles Lindbergh “Lone Eagle” Charles Lindbergh is most remembered for being the first man to fly solo in a non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927, and for the tragic kidnapping and murder of his son. However, his accomplishments throughout is 72 years of life went well beyond these two events.   His incredible […]

A Brief History of Nomex

As the building flares up in flames, engulfing much of the residence, a sad and frightening event is taking place. On the second story of the apartment complex is an elderly person who did not have the speed or energy to get out of the burning room in time. When all hope seemed lost a […]

How Does My Flight Suit Protect Me?

  One of the main functions of wearing a flight suit is to ensure that you stay well protected from any eventuality. A flight suit must not only be comfortable to wear, but must be able to effectively resist fire and protect the wearer in infrared sights. Carter Industries’ flight suits are trusted by the […]

A New Use for our Suits: 313 Ghostbusters

When we ship out one of our NOMEX suits, we expect a pilot to be flying in it. However, there are more uses than you would think! While they may not be flying, they’re stopping the flying ghosts! The 313 Ghostbusters in Detroit are a passionate group of people that bring joy to the community by […]