Aviation Flight Suit

Aviation Flight Suits

What our soldiers and officers do for our country is extremely crucial and deserves constant applause but this article is going to take their lifestyle in a different direction. What completes a man? A good suit. People will always take you more seriously when you are suited up just right, with the right fit and the right tailoring. A good suit is money well spent and quite the head-turner.


When it comes to the army, navy, and air force men, there is no exception. People will never believe you are a part of the defense force unless you look like it! The physique is important but what’s even more important, is the suit. Not to forget, The right fitted suit is an ultimate confidence booster for any man.


In this article, you will learn about aviation flight suits & their types with an introduction to our company Carter NY Industries which supplies to the US defense force.


What Are Flight Suits?

These are full body suits that are necessary to wear while flying military airplanes, helicopters, gliders, and other military aircraft. They are also known as aviation flight suits. These suits are tailored in a way to keep the concerned person feeling comfortable while also keeping them warm.


The most important aspect of these suits that sets them apart from any normal workwear, is their durability, and the fact that they are fireproof. These flight suits are also worn to distinguish between one officer’s rank from another officer. They are practical and easy to manage, perfect for military men and women who are always on the go!


Military Flight Suits:

We are the sole suppliers of military flight suits for the US military. One thing that is appreciated about our flight suits is that they are compliant with the Berry Amendment! Our military flight suits are the best seller, as we manufacture almost 1000,000 flight suits per year.


What really sets these suits apart is the fact that they are fire-resistant, so with our flight suit, the worry of burning yourself disappears. This is an extremely important factor if you ask us. It also comes with a re-adjustable waist belt, so that you can fit the suit according to your waist. You can get these suits individually or you can place a bulk order, we are open to facilitate you with both options and the quality remains exactly like the ones we manufacture for the US military, with 6 pockets and a two-way zipper for convenience!


Nomex Flight Suits:

Nomex flight suits may be expensive as they are made from Nomex fabric but they are a bang for your buck! These suits are well worth it and we truly think so. Let’s begin with the fact that these flight suits are unisex and they are US Force approved. Nomex flight suits are designed with the pilot’s safety in mind.


Our number one priority is making the flight suit fire-resistant so that the pilot is safe from any fire accidents that are likely to occur in an extremely hot temperature or the worst-case scenario if the pilot has to escape through flames. The whole idea behind the suit is that it should be convenient for military men. This means that it is extremely durable, while also being comfortable.


Even though there is such a highly functional design, it is still kept breathable and easy to work with. The breathable material also adds coolness on warm days and also has zippers and pockets for easy access and convenience. You can either invest in a high-quality Nomex flight suit once, or you can buy low-quality flight suits with a short life, over and over again. The choice is yours!

Flight Suit Surplus:

Every year, Carter Industries makes up to 100,000 flight suits, We deal with both individual orders and bulk orders. There is no compromise in quality, regardless of what your order is. We manufacture flight suits on a daily and this is why you can always find us with on-hand stock for emergency orders! For your convenience, we always have some extra pieces in stock.


If you are interested in placing an order with us, visit our shop or call us at 646-741-3565.