Best Military Flight Suit You Can Buy

Best Military Flight Suit You Can Buy

Flight suits are a valuable piece of gear every military aviator has to own. This outfit is not only a required uniform when flying, but the flight suit also serves a more practical purpose. Generally speaking, a flight suit is made to help keep you warm during flight and the material is flame retardant in case of a fire. The one-piece uniform is standard for pilots and other crew members, so you need to have two or three available during work. If you’re an aviator, the best military flight suit you can buy right now is the CWU/27-P Nomex Flight Suit.

All about the Nomex Flight Suit

Manufactured in the USA, the Nomex Flight Suit is the standard for military flight suits. The flame-resistant design, as well as the breathable fabric, make this uniform practical and comfortable all at the same time. This isn’t the only thing to love about the Nomex Flight Suit, however. The uniform is also equipped with numerous pockets to hold any tools or devices you might need while in flight, and the two-way pocket zippers help keep everything secure.

Nomex Flight Suits are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured with customer comfort in mind. The signature Nomex Flight Suit is durable and fully meets all US military expectations.

Why pilots choose the CWU-27/P Nomex Flight Suit

Nomex is a material made from meta-aramid fibers which are heat and flame resistant. This type of material is often used to make protective apparel that may encounter harsh conditions, which is why military flight suits are made from aramid fibers. Military suits aren’t the only uniforms made from this material, either. Other common protective gears made from these materials include firefighter uniforms, combat vehicle crews, and race car drivers, just to name a few.

The CWU-27/P Flight Suit also complies with the Berry Amendment since it is manufactured in the United States. The Berry Amendment requires the Department of Defense to give preference to goods produced or manufactured in the United States such as food, clothing, and fabrics. This means that the military has to pick a uniform that can be made domestically in the US, and the Carter Industries NY CWU-27/P Nomex Flight Suit meets that criteria.

Carter Industries is the only company supplying the US Armed Forces with flight suits. This means the Nomex Flight Suit is the Air Force flight suit. Pilots trust this brand because it’s well-established and is even trusted enough to supply the military with uniforms.

If you’re interested in your own Nomex Flight Suit, then check out Carter Industries CWU-27/P Flight Suit. With commitment to high standards and quality products, this uniform will exceed your expectations.