Fit Your Flight Suit

How to Make Sure your Nomex Flight Suit Fits

When you’re a pilot, your safety is paramount while you’re in the air so wearing the right flight suit is important. Nomex flight suits are worn by the military and are renowned for the high-quality design which offers comfort during wear.

But how do you ensure you choose a Nomex flight suit that fits properly? Here’s a look at the factors that matter.


The Importance of Comfort

Comfort may sound like a luxury but when you’re flying it’s an essential priority that’s integral to the safety of the plane.

Whether you’re a military pilot or a civilian aviator, the cabin can be a high-pressure environment that gets very cold. Being able to move quickly and freely is essential which means apparel which keeps you warm without being restrictive.

Nomex flight suits are designed with an inherent understanding of how the body moves. This ensures that they don’t restrict movement and allow the wearer complete freedom to stretch and move around as necessary. However, the flight suit simultaneously provides lightweight warmth, providing a comfort which is essential to be able to fly the plane safely, without being slowed by a freezing body.


Tailored Fit


Now we understand the importance of a comfortable flight suit, let’s turn to the various ways the Nomex design ensures that it’s a snug fit.

Nomex flight suits are able to be fitted snugly to your body shape, thanks to the array of adjustable components. Both the wrists and ankles can be loosened or tightened so you can enjoy the right fit everywhere. To have proper freedom of movement it’s essential that cuffs don’t dig in when you move, but you won’t want them flapping around either. Adjustable cuffs solve this problem for the best possible fit all over.

It’s not just the cuffs that are designed to fit your body comfortably; the flight suit comes in an array of sizes. Pick the size which is comfortable for your body shape and you’ll discover what it feels like to wear a flight suit that’s almost been made for you.


Choose your Size

If you’ve had low-quality flight suits in the past you may be more used to wearing suits which gape or are uncomfortably tight. Nomex suits are available in a number of different sizes, suitable for all body shapes, with cuts which are also designed for women.

The website has a handy guide which explains how to measure yourself for the best fit. This ensures that the flight suit will be able to zip up with the optimum amount of room for you to stretch and move without being too loose.


Best in its Class

The quality of Nomex stands apart from the field and if you’ve not tried on a high-caliber flight suit before, it’s hard to imagine the difference it makes.  Using the onsite guide to order the right size means you’ll get a flight suit that fits you like a glove.

Where to Find High-Quality Flight Suits



Carter Industries are clothing specialists for pilots, manual workers, and even the US military. Our flight suits and combat overalls are trailblazing an array of industries to keep workers safe. Learn more about our products and why we are the best place to buy flight suits. 


What Are Our Popular Flight Suits?


We offer a number of different flight suits but three of them are extremely popular. They are Nomex flight suits, utility coverall suits, and UCP combat vehicle overalls. 


The Nomex suit is made in the USA and complies with the Berry Amendment. They are a premium grade, adjustable fit suit with an array of pockets. The features of the Nomex suit has meant it is now the chosen flight suit for US military personnel. We have supplied over 100,000 brave military men and women with these suits to date.


Our utility overalls and UCP combat overall are not exactly flight suits, but they are also made with A-grade materials to provide protection and functionality to those working on the ground. From brave soldiers to chefs, these suits are an exceptional offer for anyone serious about their work. 


Why Nomex Flight Suits Are the Best


Our Nomex flight suits are a must-have piece of kit for any pilot operating military aircraft, helicopters or gliders. Combining manufacturing brilliance with materials engineered to last, you can count on a Nomex flight suit and take advantage of its many benefits.

Our Nomex flight suits are the real deal and made in the USA. Don’t opt for cheaper imitations because the quality is not the same, they are not as protective, and they wear easily. Our Nomex flight suits enable wearers to be completely protected without limiting freedom of movement, so they can carry on performing to the best of their abilities. Stay warm, dry, comfortable and protected against fires with a Nomex flight suit from us. 


Welcoming Bulk Orders


As we are the go-to place for the US military, we know what it takes to fulfill colossal orders in a swift period. We offer the same exceptional service to all of our customers. If you need to make a bulk order on any or a combination of our flight suits, you can be sure of a quick turnaround and fast delivery. 


Let us know about your order by getting in touch with our team and finding out how we can help. You’ll be pleased to hear that most bulk orders also qualify for fantastic discounts. 


Shop Like the US Military at Carter Industries Inc.


To find out more about our stellar flight suits and hear the reasons why the US military uses our products, get in touch today.


Our friendly team are waiting for your message and will be happy to answer your questions and complete your order. 


Amelia Erhart

The Woman That Changed Aviation: Amelia Earhart

Born on the 24th July 1897, in Kansas, Amelia Earhart is one of the world’s most celebrated aviators. Who, as the first women to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean, inspired women all over the world to forget social norms and follow their dreams instead! However, Earhart is not just remembered for bringing changes to the world of aviation, she is also the center of a bizarre mystery. As, in 1937 while attempting a solo trip around the world, the renowned pilot disappeared, never to be seen alive again.

The Early Life of Amelia Earhart

Born to a father who was a railroad lawyer and a mother who came from an affluent family, from a young age Amelia was an adventurous child, always showing courage and curiosity. However, after her grandparents passed, the Earhart family began to struggle with money and had to move home often.

This childhood on the road meant a fractured education, with Amelia finishing high school in Chicago during 1916. However, after receiving an inheritance, her mother then sent her to a private school for young ladies – Ogontz School in Pennsylvania.

It was on a trip to Canada, while visiting her sister, that Earhart found a career she wanted to pursue, though. Having seen injured soldiers from WW1, she decided to leave her college and being a nurse’s aide in Canada.

Making Aviation History

When the war finished, Earhart pursued a medical career by attending pre-med studies at the Columbia University in NYC. This was put to an end in 1920, though, as her parents insisted she move to California. This was lucky, however, as it prompted Earhart to take her first airplane ride that same year. Instantly hooked, she began flying lessons and even bought her own plane in 1921.

Although she was still pursuing her aviation career, Earhart still moved to Massachusetts in the mid-1920s to become a social worker. When an opportunity to came up for a woman passenger to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, though, she jumped at the chance and was selected for the flight in April 1928.

The flight left on June 17th, 1928 from Newfoundland, Canada piloted by Wilmer Stultz and Louis Gorder. The plane landed the next day in Burry Port, Wales where Earhart being an overnight global superstar. She wrote a book about her experience – 20 Hrs. 40 Min. – and even traveled across the USA giving lectures on her experiences.

Not content with just being a passenger, Earhart set a record for the highest altitude (18, 415 feet) for a piloted autogiro in 1931. The next year she went on to pilot her own flight across the Atlantic Ocean, which she completed in record-breaking 14 hours 56 minutes. Afterward, she wrote a second book called The Fun of It and continued her flying career.

This included the first solo flight from Hawaii to California and a solo flight from LA to Mexico City.

Inspiring Women

As well as showing women that they could become pilots, Earhart also encouraged in other ways. Most of all, she inspired other women to reject the roles that society puts upon them and instead follow their dreams.

In 1929, she founded a society for women pilots, which became known as the Ninety-Nines, where she served as the group’s first president. She even released a clothing line in 1933, which functionality allowed women to be active.

Her Disappearance

While attempting to fly around the world, Earhart departed Miami on June 1st, 1937 with her navigator Fred Noonan. After several weeks, and many stops for fuel, the plane departed New Guinea on July 2nd. However, this was to be the last time the pair took off, as during the flight Earhart radioed to say they were running low on fuel, which was their last transmission.


Despite many searches and international press, neither Earhart, Noonan or their plane. Declared lost at sea, people have many theories over what happened the pair. Particularly Amelia Earhart, who is still inspiring women to be brave and follow their aviation dreams still to this day.

Flight Suits To Fit Women And Men

When it comes to buying your first flight suit, one of the most tricky things is finding the right size. Choosing the best flight suit isn’t as easy as simply walking into a store and choosing your usual size right off the peg. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s important to take the right measurements and to select a suit which is best suited to your unique shape, height, and size. Here, we take a closer look at which measurements to take to select the best possible fit for your needs.

Taking Measurements

There are five key measurements that you need to take to determine the right size of flight suit for you, so grab a tape measure!

  • The half chest – measure from the center of one armpit to the center of the other across the fullest part of the chest.
  • The sleeve inseam – measure from the center of your armpit to the wrist down the inside of your arm.
  • The leg inseam – measure from the center of the crotch down the inside of the leg down to the ankle.
  • The front length – measure from the top of your sternum right down the center of the body to the center of the crotch.
  • The waist measurement – measure from the center of the side across the top of the hip bone to the center of the other side of the body.

Well-Fitting Flight Suit For Women

In the past, female pilots were obliged to wear flight suits which were designed for men. This caused a host of issues. Women tend to have a different body shape to men and often require narrower shoulders, shorter arm, and leg lengths as well as longer zippers to accommodate easier access. Without a well-fitting flight suit, pilots’ safety is at risk. Not only that, but it is very difficult to focus completely on flying when wearing an ill-fitting suit which isn’t comfortable.

Here at Carter Industries, we’ve worked hard to resolve this problem. We give you all the information that you need to choose the perfect fit for you when purchasing a flight suit, and our customers have given us extremely positive feedback about the simplicity of the process and the comfort of fit when they receive their order. We stock an impressive array of sizes to suit every need. We have four different leg lengths from short to extra long and sizes ranging from 32 up to 52, and all are made to the highest standards.

When you choose a Nomex flight suit from Carter Industries, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a reliable, well-fitting product that perfectly matches the shape of your body. You can be certain that you’ll be safe, well-protected and incredibly comfortable no matter the challenges that you face in the air.


Future of Flight and Aviation

A Look At The Future Of Flight


 The Future of Flight


Man has always been fascinated with flight, with mythical tales dating back to ancient times, such as Icarus. In China at around 400 BC, the discovery was made that kites could fly in the air and since then, humans have been obsessed with the idea of flying themselves.


The history of aviation is one littered with important landmarks and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Here’s a look back at the journey to take to the air and where aviation is likely to be heading in the future.


The History of Aviation


Before thinking about where flight is heading it’s first, necessary to take a look at where it’s been. For centuries, the focus was solely on trying to create bird-wings for humans but the differences in the musculature and bone density prevented take-off.


In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci started to come close to a viable idea with his “Ornithopter” sketches that would later form the basis for the modern helicopter.


The Montgolfier brothers were the first to get mankind airborne with their hot air balloon in 1783. Otto Lilienthal, a German engineer, was the design a glider capable of carrying a person for long distances.


In 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright were the first to create a plane with an engine and a propeller and successfully completed a flight. From this moment, humans were truly airborne for the very first time.


Over the following decades, the design of airplanes became increasingly sophisticated with lightweight metals such as aluminum replacing wood and fabric, and radar, communications equipment, and autopilot systems gradually introduced.


What’s next?


With forecasts predicting the number of air passengers to increase to 7.8 billion by 2036, there’s a need for aviation to grow and develop at a rapid rate. Carbon emissions and the concern over the environmental effect is another reason why the industry is drawing on the latest technology.


Concept flights have proven that electric planes are a possibility but more work is still needed on the density of the batteries. Although current technology isn’t quite where it needs to be to achieve an electric transcontinental flight, the indications are that it’s not far off.


Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are two new areas which have attracted a lot of interest. However, rather than buzzing around restricted areas and causing alarm, these types of technology have the ability to revolutionize the industry.


One product already in development in Europe can be flown in three different modes: with a pilot on board and in control, remotely by a pilot on the ground or flown remotely but with an additional pilot in the cockpit for vigilance. The ultimate aim is for customers to be able to use these aircraft like a taxi, entering their destination and flying off into the distance – almost like an Uber of the sky.


This may sound farfetched but AI already has the capability to take off, land and cruise the planes without human intervention, so technology is just a short few steps away. Other visions for the future of aviation include blended wings and high-res images of the sky outside being projected onto the walls of the plane. Pilots will still be needed and they’ve not been forgotten; new technology is in development which sits over their eyes to provide enhanced vision and perception of everything from terrain and airspace to traffic and weather.


Carter Industries Inc. have always been at the forefront of innovation, with Nomex flight suits and coveralls supplied to both the military and commercial sector alike. The future of aviation looks exciting and you can be sure that Carter Industries Inc. will be continuing to equip pilots with the products they need.

female pilot

Why Safety Is Key For Pilots

Why you should take every precaution when it comes to Flight Safety

Although pilots are always highly trained, it is still vital to take every possible precaution when flying to ensure that any unexpected event can be addressed without any excessive risks. There are many essential precautions which should be taken before taking off on any flight, and here we look at the important steps for any pilot to put in place to ensure their own safety and the safety of their crew.

Using The Pre-Flight Checklist

It’s important to never underestimate the importance of the pre-flight checklist. It should be gone through carefully and methodically each and every time. No steps should be skipped, even when time is tight and the checklist should always be completed on paper, never by memory.

Avoiding Cockpit Distractions

There is already a lot to think about in the cockpit, from instruments to the radio and from ATC to navigation. Therefore, eliminating any unnecessary distractions is very important to minimize any potential problems. During any of the critical flight stages, no distracting gadgets should be used and no conversations should be held. Saying distraction free and on task always keeps the pilot and their passengers safe in-flight.

Avoiding Pressure To Fly

If the weather appears to be questionable or there is any other reason to suspect that it may be a bad idea to take to the skies, it’s important to postpone the plan to take off until another time. It is never worth taking the risk of exposing yourself and any crew or passengers to potential hazards in the air.

Practicing Emergency Procedures

While no pilot ever wants to have to put their emergency procedures to use, they must always be fully prepared for any eventuality. That means reviewing the procedures to be put in place for all common in-flight emergencies on a six-monthly basis is essential for any pilot. This will ensure that the pilot has the right skills in place to cope with any possible problem which could arise in the cockpit.

Wearing A Flight Suit

Although all pilots are extremely well trained and must stay up to date with all the key techniques involved in making the full range of flight maneuvers, there is always a possibility of something unexpected occurring at any time in-flight. There have been many stories in the media recently about airplanes malfunctioning. While this is still a very low risk, it is very important to be well prepared just in case by wearing a Nomex flight suit. They are the top choice of the US Defense Force thanks to the exceptional level of protection that they offer to flames and extreme temperatures as well as chemical degradation and abrasion. Nomex flight suits can withstand tensile stress at temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius, ensuring the best possible safety of the wearer in the most dangerous conditions. As a Nomex flight suit is also very comfortable to wear with a breathable fabric construction which ensures coolness and a glove-like fit, it is the ideal choice for any pilot to wear in the air.


3 Reasons to Choose a Nomex Flight Suit

Why choose a Nomex flight suit?

Carter Industries Inc. has been in business for more than two decades and is responsible for designing and creating premium military apparel. A favorite of the US army, the Nomex Flight Suit brings together the latest technology and a deep understanding of clothing design: the result is a premium garment that is as comfortable as it is functional.


The Nomex Flight Suit is similar to a jumpsuit in design but made specifically for wearing while flying – whether in a military aircraft, helicopter or glider – it’s an essential piece of kit that keeps the wearer safe and warm at high altitudes.


Need more convincing on why the Nomex Flight Suit is the best option on the market? Here are three compelling reasons to choose Carter’s creation when looking for the best flight suit.



1 – It’s Made from High-Quality Material

Crafted in the USA, the official Nomex Flight Suit is made from material of the best quality. Nomex is a fabric made from the synthetic fabric Aramid. The way that Aramid is constructed makes the end result strong and durable yet lightweight for ease of movement. Nomex provides reliable protection without restriction, allowing the wearer freedom and flexibility so they can perform to the best of their capabilities. Imitations of the suit often compromise on quality, making them less durable and giving the wearer less flexibility. For genuine, quality Nomex you can trust, always opt for a Carter Flight Suit.


2 – It’s Very Comfortable

Comfort is essential when moving around an aircraft. The Nomex Flight Suit is designed to keep the wearer warm, dry and unrestricted at all times. Aviators are operating at a high altitude where the temperature can be sub-zero, and in high pressure situations that require fast reactions: the Nomex suit allows freedom of movement and gives the wearer the comfort they need to do their job effectively and efficiently.


3 – It’ll Keep You Safe

Safety is the number one priority when designing premium flight apparel. Carter understands the way a body interacts with clothing, and the strict requirements for safety that are unique to being inside an aircraft. The Nomex Flight Suit is fire-retardant, which protects aviators if a fire were to occur. There are also many pockets in the suit, which makes it very practical for carrying tools and equipment. The suit is also colored in tan or khaki to make the wearer camouflaged when undertaking military operations. To find out more about the safety features of the Nomex suit, check out Carter’s information on suit safety.



Investing in a quality Nomex suit means making an investment for the future. These revolutionary flight suits are durable, comfortable and packed with all the safety features you need to feel secure and confident when you’re in the air.


The Nomex Flight Suit is the result of years of research and innovation, and we’re proud to give our troops the apparel they deserve. Our suits are always in high demand, so we have a


Carter is the only official producer of Nomex, and the only place where customers can buy the genuine article.








Carter CWU 27/P Nomex Flight Suit

High Quality Products Guaranteed

High Quality Flight Suits and Coveralls


The quality of suits and overalls made by us at Carter Industries has been given the highest honor. We now supply our quality products to the brave soldiers and pilots in the US military. Check out the options below to learn about three of our most celebrated creations.


Nomex Flight Suits


A Nomex flight suit is the perfect suit for pilots who are also used by military personnel. These suits are made right here in the USA to comply with the patriotic Berry Amendment.


In fact, we have teamed up with the US Defence Force to provide them with almost 100,000 of these suits. This has put us in the perfect position to maintain quality while producing large quantities. So, even if you are not part of the US services, you can still get your hands on a reliable Nomex flight suit without having to wait.


People love these suits because they are adjustable for the perfect fit, have six pockets for unbeatable storage and have a convenient two-way durable zipper. The safe-flame design is of unbeatable quality, which has proven to last the toughest of challenges.


Utility Coverall


For the workhorses with their feet firmly on the ground, you can also get a quality suit designed to last. A utility coverall provides extensive protection against day-to-day activities for those that require them. This product is a popular choice amongst mechanics, woodworkers and those in similar professions. Some cooks even choose these utility coveralls to keep them protected in the heat of service.


This product looks the part too. It has a shirt-style collar and a slide front closure. The functionality of this suit outshines competing options as well. The ankle and wrist openings can be adjusted for a perfect tailored fitting and has multiple conveniently-placed pockets. There is even a pencil opening on the breast pocket which is ideal for workers who need to measure or take notes frequently.


UCP Combat Vehicle Crewman’s Overalls


Another option for military personnel is the UCP Combat Vehicle Crewman’s Overall. Unlike our other military-approved suit, this one is more suitable for on-the-ground servicemen and servicewomen.


This does not mean it would not be unsuitable for domestic uses as well. One of the key features of this product is in its material. These overalls are flame-resistant which can handle the heat of the battlefield and the heat of other working environments. Other notable features with these overalls are the universal camouflage design, their breathability and adjustability to get a great fit.


Don’t Wing It, Choose Carter Industries Instead


To find out more information on any of the above products then speak to us at Carter Industries. We stock the three options above with guaranteed quality. Our products have been recognized as the best in the business, which is the reason we supply the US armed forces, as well as repeat customers in the general public.

A look at Buzz Aldrin’s Life

Thank You Buzz Aldrin


Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr., or more universally recognizable, Buzz Aldrin, is a prime example of someone who has achieved in multiple areas to become a monumental figure in the history of mankind. From his early days as a fighter pilot to his development into one of the most celebrated and recognized astronauts ever to his new-found talents as an author – he is a remarkable man we can be proud to call American.


His Military Days


Buzz Aldrin somewhat went against his father’s wishes to use his engineering degree and instead chose to become a fighter pilot for the US Air Force. His time with the services enabled him to fight in the Korean War. His talents as a fighter pilot did not go unnoticed with his peers and superiors. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Award before returning to university to earn a Ph.D. in astronautics at MIT.


His NASA Achievements


Following his graduation, he was quickly ushered to NASA’s space programme where he became the first Ph.D. holder to obtain a place in NASA. One of his earliest achievement while working for NASA was developing training techniques for astronauts walking with less gravity. He used underwater training to simulate spacewalking. At the time, he did not realize that he was preparing himself to walk on the moon a few years later.


This was to be just one of a series of firsts for the NASA genius. He completed the longest spacewalk at the time at a staggering five hours. He is also responsible for taking the first space “selfie” after he photographed himself after part of his equipment failed.


Later, he accomplished what most people know Buzz Aldrin for. He was the second person to walk on the moon. This was a televised event that drew in the largest audience in history at that moment. Following this event, Buzz Aldrin and his colleagues became heavily decorated and he even had an asteroid named after him.


His Later Career


After his time with NASA, Buzz Aldrin went on to exhibit his talents in other areas. He became an author of science-fiction novels, wrote memoirs about his one-of-a-kind experiences and even wrote children’s books. These are must-reads for any Buzz Aldrin fan or general space enthusiast.


A Big Thank You To Our US Forces!


We want to take the time to wish all of our servicemen and servicewomen a wonderful holiday season. We are thankful for the risks you take to keep our country safe. We hope you enjoy the time you get to spend with your families and wish you all the best for the year ahead!


As you serve us so well, we continue to strive and serve you as best we can. We endeavor to continue providing US military personnel with exceptional suits and overalls that keep you unseen and protected at all times.

CWU 27/P Nomex Flight Suit Left Chest Pocket

What Does NIR Compliant Mean?

Military Grade Flight Suits

When it comes to the heat of battle, just the tiniest of tactics can make all the difference for survival. One of the best tactics being, shield yourself from the enemy while knowing exactly where they are. Which is why NIR-Compliant uniforms are so vital for the military.

NIR-Compliance refers to a unique type of cloth used in the manufacture of military uniforms. This cloth has been developed to mimic the same radiation level as your surroundings. This should hide you from infrared technology.

Infrared sight, which many people know more as night vision, thermal imaging or thermal vision, is what militaries use to spot people in poor light or at during the darkness of night. This type of infrared technology, though, has two different ways of working, both of which use different areas of the infrared spectrum:

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is what most of us think of when we consider night vision. Such as when you watch real-life police television chases, where you see a perpetrator running through gardens who thinks he’s invisible. In reality, though, we can all see him as an orange blob due to the heat his body emits.

Thermal imaging works using the upper section of the infrared spectrum. This portion emits light as heat, so objects that are warmer will emit more light and be seen clearer. As a human runs with a core temperature of around 99 degrees Fahrenheit, this can be easily seen on thermal imaging against trees or houses, which don’t have a high core temperature.

Image Enchantment

On the lower part of the spectrum, image enhancement allows vision in darkness by amplifying the visible and infrared portions of light surrounding an object. These are boosted until it’s possible to see that object, even in poor light.

This is the method that most night-vision devices (NVDs) use these days. The NVD with have an ocular lens that contains an image-intensifier tube, which is what will collect the light – both visible and invisible to the naked eye – and boost it until you get the familiar green phosphor image that we are familiar with.

So How Does NIR-Compliance Keep Our Troops Hidden?

When a piece of clothing is NIR-Compliant it blends you into the darkness and environment around you, making soldiers harder to detect to potential enemies. NIR image detectors work by looking for changes in light radiation, if there’s little or no change, then the person will be hard to spot.

NIR-Compliant uniforms need to use a fabric blend that will neither reflect NIR or UV light. Think of it as having camouflage right down to a molecular level, rather than just a special color or pattern.

Every Carter flight suits for sale on our site is NIR-Compliant. Not only that, they are also: made from breathable fabric, equipped with 2-way zippers, flame-resistant fabric, lots of functional pockets and made to fit their wearer like a glove.

These suits are all manufactured in the USA and all come with a certificate of compliance that guarantees suits are made to military standard MIL-C-83141ª – if the military trusts us, so can you!