Carter CWU 27/P Nomex Flight Suit

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The quality of suits and overalls made by us at Carter Industries has been given the highest honor. We now supply our quality products to the brave soldiers and pilots in the US military. Check out the options below to learn about three of our most celebrated creations.


Nomex Flight Suits


A Nomex flight suit is the perfect suit for pilots who are also used by military personnel. These suits are made right here in the USA to comply with the patriotic Berry Amendment.


In fact, we have teamed up with the US Defence Force to provide them with almost 100,000 of these suits. This has put us in the perfect position to maintain quality while producing large quantities. So, even if you are not part of the US services, you can still get your hands on a reliable Nomex flight suit without having to wait.


People love these suits because they are adjustable for the perfect fit, have six pockets for unbeatable storage and have a convenient two-way durable zipper. The safe-flame design is of unbeatable quality, which has proven to last the toughest of challenges.


Utility Coverall


For the workhorses with their feet firmly on the ground, you can also get a quality suit designed to last. A utility coverall provides extensive protection against day-to-day activities for those that require them. This product is a popular choice amongst mechanics, woodworkers and those in similar professions. Some cooks even choose these utility coveralls to keep them protected in the heat of service.


This product looks the part too. It has a shirt-style collar and a slide front closure. The functionality of this suit outshines competing options as well. The ankle and wrist openings can be adjusted for a perfect tailored fitting and has multiple conveniently-placed pockets. There is even a pencil opening on the breast pocket which is ideal for workers who need to measure or take notes frequently.


UCP Combat Vehicle Crewman’s Overalls


Another option for military personnel is the UCP Combat Vehicle Crewman’s Overall. Unlike our other military-approved suit, this one is more suitable for on-the-ground servicemen and servicewomen.


This does not mean it would not be unsuitable for domestic uses as well. One of the key features of this product is in its material. These overalls are flame-resistant which can handle the heat of the battlefield and the heat of other working environments. Other notable features with these overalls are the universal camouflage design, their breathability and adjustability to get a great fit.


Don’t Wing It, Choose Carter Industries Instead


To find out more information on any of the above products then speak to us at Carter Industries. We stock the three options above with guaranteed quality. Our products have been recognized as the best in the business, which is the reason we supply the US armed forces, as well as repeat customers in the general public.