Fit Your Flight Suit

How to Make Sure your Nomex Flight Suit Fits

When you’re a pilot, your safety is paramount while you’re in the air so wearing the right flight suit is important. Nomex flight suits are worn by the military and are renowned for the high-quality design which offers comfort during wear.

But how do you ensure you choose a Nomex flight suit that fits properly? Here’s a look at the factors that matter.


The Importance of Comfort

Comfort may sound like a luxury but when you’re flying it’s an essential priority that’s integral to the safety of the plane.

Whether you’re a military pilot or a civilian aviator, the cabin can be a high-pressure environment that gets very cold. Being able to move quickly and freely is essential which means apparel which keeps you warm without being restrictive.

Nomex flight suits are designed with an inherent understanding of how the body moves. This ensures that they don’t restrict movement and allow the wearer complete freedom to stretch and move around as necessary. However, the flight suit simultaneously provides lightweight warmth, providing a comfort which is essential to be able to fly the plane safely, without being slowed by a freezing body.


Tailored Fit


Now we understand the importance of a comfortable flight suit, let’s turn to the various ways the Nomex design ensures that it’s a snug fit.

Nomex flight suits are able to be fitted snugly to your body shape, thanks to the array of adjustable components. Both the wrists and ankles can be loosened or tightened so you can enjoy the right fit everywhere. To have proper freedom of movement it’s essential that cuffs don’t dig in when you move, but you won’t want them flapping around either. Adjustable cuffs solve this problem for the best possible fit all over.

It’s not just the cuffs that are designed to fit your body comfortably; the flight suit comes in an array of sizes. Pick the size which is comfortable for your body shape and you’ll discover what it feels like to wear a flight suit that’s almost been made for you.


Choose your Size

If you’ve had low-quality flight suits in the past you may be more used to wearing suits which gape or are uncomfortably tight. Nomex suits are available in a number of different sizes, suitable for all body shapes, with cuts which are also designed for women.

The website has a handy guide which explains how to measure yourself for the best fit. This ensures that the flight suit will be able to zip up with the optimum amount of room for you to stretch and move without being too loose.


Best in its Class

The quality of Nomex stands apart from the field and if you’ve not tried on a high-caliber flight suit before, it’s hard to imagine the difference it makes.  Using the onsite guide to order the right size means you’ll get a flight suit that fits you like a glove.