Nomex Flight Suit Options

Nomex Flight Suit Options: If you are a pilot or learning to be one, then you will understand how important it is to be as safe as possible when you are in the air. Using a Nomex flight suit will offer you extra comfort and protection so that you can fly with confidence every time.

Why Are Flight Suits Important?

No matter how good you are at piloting a plane, you must always consider how to keep yourself safe, and even though it is rare, accidents and malfunctions do occur. By wearing a Nomex flight suit, you are at an advantage as they are designed to help protect you even in the most difficult moments.

Nomex Options

Nomex flight suits are made for all genders and come in two colors for you to choose from, Sage Green and Desert Tan. Whichever option you go for, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are buying a US Military approved item. Each flight suit comes with a range of two-way zippers to give you easy access to pockets that you may need when in the air as well as comfort inspired stitching that means the suit is a dream to wear.

Nomex Specifications

If you are not sure why Nomex is the best choice, then the specification should convince you to give them a go. You can expect your suit to be:
• Fire retardant so that you have time to get out in an emergency without sustaining burns.
• Heat resistant up to 400 degrees.
• Resistant to chemicals.
• Well fitted design with a fully adjustable waist.
• A two-way zipper to enable easy access and avoid stuck zips.
• Fade-resistant design in Sage Green and Desert Sand options.
• Six pockets to store essential items with ease, including a sewn-in knife pocket.

You can also feel confident when you put the Nomex suit on because it is NIR Compliant and used by the US Military. You can buy them in bulk or purchase a single suit depending on your needs. Either way, you will have it shipped and delivered in next to no time at all!

Order Yours Today

If the Sage Green or Desert Tan Nomex flight suit fit what you are looking for, then place your order today! Nomex flight suits are available in all sizes and color options so you can expect swift delivery ready for your next flight.

The suit you will get is the same as the ones that we supply the US military with so you can be confident about quality as well as availability. Once ordered, your flight suit will be delivered within 14 days, and the great news is that we supply pilots all across the globe so you can order from many different countries and still enjoy the quality that we deliver. Connect with us today and discuss your specific requirements; we would be happy to help!