Designed with both protection and comfort in mind, Nomex flight suits are built with a host of features that aid in the difficult tasks in which military pilots are expected to carry out each day. From its fire-resistant structure to its easily accessible pockets, flight suits are responsible for saving lives and preventing tons of injuries. Here are a few of the features of the Nomex flight suit in further detail.


1.      Convenience. The original flight suit amounted to a bulky, overweight suit that lacked durability and made it hard for pilots to move in them. These days flight suits, specifically Carter’s Nomex flight suits are made with the Nomex material to ensure flexibility and allow wearers to move more easily. The Nomex flight suits are also conveniently equipped with six functional pockets and a two-way zipper which makes the process of taking the suit on and off, a simple task.

2.      Safety. Because Nomex flight suits are most often used by military personnel, safety was a huge concern while it was in the design stages. One of the biggest safety features of this type of flight suits is its flame-resistant material. The interlock technology provided by the Nomex material, helps to keep users safe in case of a fire or minor explosion and greatly increases their chances of survival.

3.      Comfort. As previously mentioned, outdated versions of flight suits were made of heavy materials that made the suits bulky and uncomfortable to wear. The purpose of the heavy material was to keep the suit wearers warm. However suits these days not only provide warmth, but comfort as well and without giving users the feeling of being weighed down. Carter’s Nomex flight suits are made to provide a glove-like fit and are equipped with an adjustable waist belt as a means to fit various body shapes and sizes. In addition the suit has a breathable design that allows air to escape when the body is overheated but also provides warmth through insulation properties for when the atmosphere is a little cooler.

4.      Quality. Carter’s Nomex suits have superior quality in relation to virtually any other flight suit manufacturer. These suits are solution dyed which helps resists fading and discoloration. In addition the Nomex material is sturdy, secure, and constructed with a rip-top fabric that decreases the likelihood of tares and snags.

Because we are the leading producer of Nomex flight suits, Carter Inc. ensures the best quality flight suits in the country. Each flight suit is manufactured in the USA under the compliance of the Berry Amendment (mil-c-83141a). Although the bulk of our business comes from the U.S. military as we are their sole provider of flight suits, we also sell directly to individuals without the extra mark-ups that other flight suit manufactures require. For more information on our flight suits call us today at (800) 420 7814.