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Where to buy a flight suit?

When it comes to buying a professional flight suit, there are several factors that we have to consider before buying it. At CarterNY you can buy high-quality flight suits online. We are the best online store where you can buy the flight suits that you can wear throughout your vigorous duties in total comfort.

The best thing about CaterNY is that we are a trusted and reliable supplier where you can get flight suits that will prove to be the best for any air force pilot. From the fabric, length, adjustments, in fact, each and every detail of the suit will grab your attention. Our suits are in stock and ready for you.

Carterny is ISO certified, which makes us the best choice for the military to buy the best quality flight suit. The US military uses our site whenever they have to buy flight suits for their air force corps. We are the their top choice manufacturer, and we are proud to have served the US military for a long time.

Contours of Flight Suits of Carterny

We know that getting a flight suit for military flights is a task that needs great attention to detail while buying because a flight suit isn’t an ordinary suit. That’s why you need to ask about the features and benefits that you need so you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice.

Flight Suit

You know the fabric is the significant factor in the making of a flight suit. We use Nomex fabric in the production of our flight suits so that these suits can perform best in duty. Nomex fabric is considered the best fabric for fire resistance, and that’s why we use it in our flight suits. So, In an emergency, the fabric can work as it was intended. Nomex fabric is as durable as the USA military, and of the same high quality.

Nomex Fabric

If we are talking about Carterny’s Nomex flight suit, then lets discuss the qualities of Nomex fabric which we use in the production of our flight suits. We know that working in the air force means exposing yourself to risky conditions. In such circumstances, the fabric that your suit is made from should perform well under such situations like flash fire and electric burns. Nomex fabric is the best fabric to use in the manufacturing of any flight suits. As far as cleaning is concerned, Nomex fabric is very easy to keep clean as well.

CWU 27/P Flight Suit

The CWU 27/P is our signature flight suit. The CWU 27/P flight suit is specially manufactured for the USA army so that they can feel comfortable while performing their strenuous duties. The highest quality dyed Nomex fabric is used in the production of these special suits for truly special people. These flight suits from Carterny are made according to the military needs and specifications. The cwu 27 p flight suits contain meta-aramid of 92%, Para-aramid of 5%, and conductive fibre of 3%. The suit has six basic pockets and an additional pocket on the left inseam for carrying a knife. In short, it has all the necessary things that make flight suit perfect for the air force officers.
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Why Choose Us?

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