Where to Find High-Quality Flight Suits

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Carter Industries are clothing specialists for pilots, manual workers, and even the US military. Our flight suits and combat overalls are trailblazing an array of industries to keep workers safe. Learn more about our products and why we are the best place to buy flight suits. 


What Are Our Popular Flight Suits?


We offer a number of different flight suits but three of them are extremely popular. They are Nomex flight suits, utility coverall suits, and UCP combat vehicle overalls. 


The Nomex suit is made in the USA and complies with the Berry Amendment. They are a premium grade, adjustable fit suit with an array of pockets. The features of the Nomex suit has meant it is now the chosen flight suit for US military personnel. We have supplied over 100,000 brave military men and women with these suits to date.


Our utility overalls and UCP combat overall are not exactly flight suits, but they are also made with A-grade materials to provide protection and functionality to those working on the ground. From brave soldiers to chefs, these suits are an exceptional offer for anyone serious about their work. 


Why Nomex Flight Suits Are the Best


Our Nomex flight suits are a must-have piece of kit for any pilot operating military aircraft, helicopters or gliders. Combining manufacturing brilliance with materials engineered to last, you can count on a Nomex flight suit and take advantage of its many benefits.

Our Nomex flight suits are the real deal and made in the USA. Don’t opt for cheaper imitations because the quality is not the same, they are not as protective, and they wear easily. Our Nomex flight suits enable wearers to be completely protected without limiting freedom of movement, so they can carry on performing to the best of their abilities. Stay warm, dry, comfortable and protected against fires with a Nomex flight suit from us. 


Welcoming Bulk Orders


As we are the go-to place for the US military, we know what it takes to fulfill colossal orders in a swift period. We offer the same exceptional service to all of our customers. If you need to make a bulk order on any or a combination of our flight suits, you can be sure of a quick turnaround and fast delivery. 


Let us know about your order by getting in touch with our team and finding out how we can help. You’ll be pleased to hear that most bulk orders also qualify for fantastic discounts. 


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