Nomex is a flame resistant material that is used in a wide variety of settings. Nomex material can be found in the following applications: flight suits, military apparel, race suits, firefighting apparel, automobiles, and many more. The reason that you will find this material in so many applications is because of the benefits that it provides those industries. Below are 4 benefits of choosing Nomex material over other available material.

1. Flame Resistance. The first and foremost benefit of choosing Nomex over other types of materials is its flammability resistance. If you are involved in an industry and threat of fire or heat can cause injuries to your employees then you want the best material at stopping both the heat and flame itself. Nomex not only exceeds all major standards for flammability it also easily outperforms other types of materials that are used in similar apparel. When compared to 100% cotton or a Cotton/Polyester blend on a vertical flammability test, the Nomex material only chars about 3 inches while both others char 12 inches. This clearly demonstrates that the Nomex is a higher quality material and much more effective in stopping flames, thus resulting in safer workers.

2. Durability. When working in a field that requires this type of apparel it is critical that the apparel is not only flame resistant but also durable. A product that only last a couple months is cost prohibitive, regardless of the potential benefits. Products made with Nomex are durable and can last up to five years when properly taken care of. This can be two to three times the lifecycle of similar apparel made from different material.

3. Comfort. Despite its durability and flame resistant qualities Nomex is extremely comfortable. Its design allows it to have all of these qualities but still feel and act like traditional fabrics used in these applications. It is also more lightweight than its traditional counterparts, adding to the comfort to those who would wear this type of apparel. This comfort means that the apparel can be worn on a daily basis, which also adds to the cost effectiveness of the product.

4. Ease of Care. Another great benefit of Nomex is how easy it is to take care of it. Unlike many specialized materials used in these applications apparel made with Nomex can be washed either at home, industrial laundry facilities or via dry cleaning. The ability to wash products made with Nomex at a variety of facilities greatly increases its usability because it allows for the product to be washed in any setting as opposed to more specialized materials which may need to be sent out and cleaned, leading to down time and the need to have multiple pieces of apparel per person. Again this also adds to the cost effectiveness of this product.

Ultimately the Nomex material has numerous benefits and this is why it is favored throughout the various industries that utilize it. The next time you are looking for the various types of safety apparel, be sure to check and see if the product has Nomex in it, it could very well make the difference between walking away from an accident or suffering severe injuries.