Why Do Pilots Need Flameproof Material?

Military pilots have a key role to play in protecting their country and their passengers, however, by fulfilling this role they often put themselves in extremely dangerous situations. It is for this reason that necessary safety precautions must be taken when flying, and one of those essential precautions is to wear a flameproof flight suit. A flight suit which is flame-resistant offers pilots the best possible chance to survive should the worst happen on a mission, since it can protect pilots for longer than all other materials. The additional time that this gives means that it could be possible to eject from the aircraft or extinguish the flames with minimal injuries to the pilot. Although it may seem to be a small difference, the additional time that a flameproof flight suit can provide has saved countless lives over the years and has been a vital way of ensuring the safety of our troops.

How Do Flameproof Flight Suits Work?

So, what are flameproof flight suits made of? And why are they so effective? Here, we take a closer look at the special material used to make these life-saving garments.

Flameproof flight suits are made from a material called Nomex that is formed from aramid fibers. Aramids are created in a 2-stage process. Firstly, carbon-based organic substances are reacted together, forming a liquid. Then, this liquid is spun out making solid fibers that are then converted into a sheet form or woven into textiles. While Nomex will burn if a flame is held to it, immediately the source of heat is removed it will stop burning. Not only that, but its thickly woven synthetic fiber structure conducts heat very poorly. It takes some time for the heat to travel through the Nomex fabric and if the source of the flame is then removed within that time, anyone wearing the Nomex flight suit will be safe from burns. As an example, cotton catches fire in only two seconds and will burn for between 13 and 430 seconds even after the flame is removed. Meanwhile. Nomex takes around four seconds to ignite and will only burn for around five seconds once the flame has gone. As an extra benefit, Nomex has a tough, robust structure that doesn’t drip or melt – something which would cause injury to the pilot.

Equipping Military Pilots For Missions

Clearly, military pilots need to take extra measures to stay safe while out on dangerous flying missions and one essential precaution is to wear a Nomex flameproof flight suit at all times while in the air. Here at Carter Industries, we’re delighted to be able to supply the highest quality flight suits to the U.S. military and are proud in the small role that we play in helping to keep our country and its military personnel safe.