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Why Safety Is Key For Pilots

Why you should take every precaution when it comes to Flight Safety

Although pilots are always highly trained, it is still vital to take every possible precaution when flying to ensure that any unexpected event can be addressed without any excessive risks. There are many essential precautions which should be taken before taking off on any flight, and here we look at the important steps for any pilot to put in place to ensure their own safety and the safety of their crew.

Using The Pre-Flight Checklist

It’s important to never underestimate the importance of the pre-flight checklist. It should be gone through carefully and methodically each and every time. No steps should be skipped, even when time is tight and the checklist should always be completed on paper, never by memory.

Avoiding Cockpit Distractions

There is already a lot to think about in the cockpit, from instruments to the radio and from ATC to navigation. Therefore, eliminating any unnecessary distractions is very important to minimize any potential problems. During any of the critical flight stages, no distracting gadgets should be used and no conversations should be held. Saying distraction free and on task always keeps the pilot and their passengers safe in-flight.

Avoiding Pressure To Fly

If the weather appears to be questionable or there is any other reason to suspect that it may be a bad idea to take to the skies, it’s important to postpone the plan to take off until another time. It is never worth taking the risk of exposing yourself and any crew or passengers to potential hazards in the air.

Practicing Emergency Procedures

While no pilot ever wants to have to put their emergency procedures to use, they must always be fully prepared for any eventuality. That means reviewing the procedures to be put in place for all common in-flight emergencies on a six-monthly basis is essential for any pilot. This will ensure that the pilot has the right skills in place to cope with any possible problem which could arise in the cockpit.

Wearing A Flight Suit

Although all pilots are extremely well trained and must stay up to date with all the key techniques involved in making the full range of flight maneuvers, there is always a possibility of something unexpected occurring at any time in-flight. There have been many stories in the media recently about airplanes malfunctioning. While this is still a very low risk, it is very important to be well prepared just in case by wearing a Nomex flight suit. They are the top choice of the US Defense Force thanks to the exceptional level of protection that they offer to flames and extreme temperatures as well as chemical degradation and abrasion. Nomex flight suits can withstand tensile stress at temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius, ensuring the best possible safety of the wearer in the most dangerous conditions. As a Nomex flight suit is also very comfortable to wear with a breathable fabric construction which ensures coolness and a glove-like fit, it is the ideal choice for any pilot to wear in the air.