CWU 27/P Nomex Flight Suit for Women

Women’s Flight Suits

Being safe when you are in the air is essential, and one of the best ways of doing that is to have the right tactical flight suit. We understand that getting a great fitting and safe woman’s flight suit can be tough, and that is why all our products come with numerous options to suit everyone. Carter NY proudly supplies Nomex flight suits that are used by the US military and ensure that you are safe even in the most challenging situations.

Made With Attention to Detail

We know that functionality is important when you are flying, and each of our flight suits come specifically designed to fulfill all your needs. From our range of six accessible zippers to an easy to access utility sleeve and knife pocket, you can be sure that everything you need is within easy reach.

Every woman’s Nomex flight suit is made to fit perfectly and even offers an adjustable waist so that you feel comfortable all day long. The material is highly durable and will withstand whatever life throws at it, meaning that when you purchase one, you can be confident that it will provide good value for money.

Made With Safety in Mind

Your safety is paramount, and our Nomex pilot flight suits are built to handle anything. Each suit is constructed with flame-resistant material and will protect you in an emergency situation when you need to get out of your aircraft quickly and safely.

Each of the six in-built zippers offers a two-way function, meaning that there should never be a time where they cannot function, and they are fully NIR compliant so that you are left hidden from any infrared tech that may be used when you are on the ground.

Made With Trust

You can trust Carter NY to supply you with the right woman’s flight suit every time you order, and with so many sizes and length options, we have all shapes and sizes covered. Each of our Nomex flight suits comes in two different color choices; Sage Green and Desert Tan, and we will deliver to most countries in the world due to our wide international reach.

The reason why the US military trusts us is that we deliver on quality, functionality, and cost and are committed to continuing our dedication to you, our most trusted customers. We have been in operation since 1995 and take huge pride in offering top-quality service to everyone that orders with us.

If you are keen to get a woman’s Nomex flight suit but need help deciding or have questions about the tactical flight suits that we offer, then just get in touch with our team who would be more than happy to help you. When you connect with us, you will see why we are the trusted choice for the US military because here at Carter, NY, our customers mean everything to us.