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Carter Industries welcomes bulk orders.  Due to the fact that we are the sole suppliers of CWU 27/P Nomex Flight Suits and ICVC Crewman’s Coveralls to the US Defense Forces, we have large quantities on hand, we can therefore, usually ship large orders with in a two week timeframe.

We provide significant discounts for bulk order purchases.


Carter Industries Inc. sells its products to companies in: Europe, South America, North America, The Far East and Australasia. It does not sell to countries with which the United States has a trade embargo.

If you are a distributor or govermental agency please email your request to the head of sales at



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Nomex Suits: What Sets us Apart

Innovative Features in Carter Industries’ Nomex Flight Suits: What Sets Them Apart? Carter Industries is a distinguished leader in manufacturing high-quality Nomex suits that offer unmatched safety and innovation. Their flight suits combine advanced technology with superior craftsmanship to deliver unparalleled protection and comfort for those in hazardous environments. In this article, we’ll explore the […]


We received 7 flight suits this week and the fit was fine on all. We are very pleased with the quality. Our cadets will really look sharp! Customer Service was awesome from start to finish and the processing of the order was quick. We’ll gladly return to Carter Industries again when needed and will recommend this source to others.

Why Choose Carterny for Nomex Flight Suits and ICVC Crewmans Coveralls

We are the only official supplier to the US Defense Force:
Carter is the only official supplier of 27/p Nomex Flight Suits and ICVC Crewman’s Coveralls to the US Defense Force. Click here to read our press releases

We are the only manufacturer of the genuine article:
Other companies claim to produce authentic 27/p Nomex Flight Suits however, Carter Industries is the only manufacturer of the genuine article. Beware of replicas.

If safety is your concern then buy the flight suit the US Defense Force trusts:
Because we are the official supplier of 27/p Nomex Flight Suits, our flight suits are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured with the safety of users in mind.

Manufactured in the USA in accordance with the Berry Amendment:
With each of our flight suits, we provide you with the exact same certificate we provide to the US Defense Force. This is our commitment that every component of our product has been manufactured in the USA according to the Berry Amendment.

We always have stock on hand:
We produce hundreds of thousands of our Nomex Flight Suits and ICVC’s every year, therefore we always have stock on hand and can usually ship to you within 24 hours.

We produce the highest quality flight suits and ICVC coveralls in the industry and our products are priced accordingly.