Why Choose Carter for Nomex Flight Suits and ICVCs

We are the only official supplier to the US Defense Force:
Carter is the only official supplier of 27/p Nomex® Flight Suits to the US Defense Force since 1996. Click here to read our press releases

We are the only manufacturer of the genuine article:
Other companies may claim to produce authentic 27/p Nomex® Flight Suits however, Carter Industries is the only manufacturer of the genuine article. Beware of replicas.

If safety is your concern then buy the flight suit the US Defense Force trusts:
Because we are the official supplier of 27/p Nomex® Flight Suits, our flight suits are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured with the safety of users in mind.

Manufactured in the USA in accordance with the Berry Amendment:
With each of our flight suits, we provide you with the exact same certificate we provide to the US Defense Force. This is our commitment that every component of our product has been manufactured in the USA according to the Berry Amendment.

We always have stock on hand:
We produce hundreds of thousands of our Nomex® Flight Suits and ICVC’s every year, therefore we always have stock on hand and can usually ship to you within 24 hours. Orders received over the weekend will usually be shipped on Monday.

We produce the highest quality flight suits and ICVC coveralls in the industry and our products are priced accordingly.