When it comes to great American heroes, Buzz Aldrin is a shining example. He is known as the American veteran that carried on doing something great. TravelliTravelinge and walking on the moon simply wasn’t enough for this man, who has continued to perform long into his elderly years.

Buzz Aldrin is famously known for his NASA space missions, and as one of the first astronauts to ever walk in space. He is also known for his sci-fi novels, his time in the US Air force and his futuristic space technology.

The Air Force years

In 1947 Buzz graduated after obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His greatest desire was to one day become a pilot in fighter jets, and after just 3 years of experience flying military planes in Europe, he went into the US Air force in 1951. Not long after joining, he was soon in the skies and started training for his dream position. He was eventually awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross for his services during the war, which included shooting down 61 enemy planes and grounding 57 more in one month of combat alone.

When the fighting was suspended, Aldrin went back home where he ended up earning a PhD in aeronautics and astronautics. His thesis involved the study of piloted spacecraft which was to later help him further on in his career.

Space Missions

Thanks to his specialization on orbital rendezvous, in 1963 he earned a place on the Gemini 12 space mission, and was individually chosen by NASA to take part. In 1996 Aldrin flew to space together with astronaut Jim Lovell and was famously known for walking 5 hours in space. He also was one of the first to take a photo of himself in space, which was known as the first ever ‘space selfie’.

Later, in 1969 he flew on the Apollo 11 mission with Neil Armstrong, and was one of the first men to safely land and walk on the moon.

After the Air Force

After a long 21 years in service, Aldrin decided to retire and went back into the Air force taking up a managerial position. He also went on to write an autobiography and several children’s books. After all of his major achievements, Aldrin returned to studying space technology. During this time he created the “Aldrin Mars Cycler”, which was a spacecraft capable of space flight to Mars. Along with this, he received patents for the three designs he created for reusable rockets, multi-crew modules and of course the live space station.

Aldrin then founded a non-profit organization which was devoted to advancing space education and exploration for all, and more recently launched his Buzz Aldrin Space Institute, in order to promote and develop his vision of creating a Human settlement on Mars.

Buzz Aldrin has experienced one of the most impressive careers ever, and it seems there is no stopping him.  His bravery, courage and commitment have earned him a place in history, and he is definitely a hero we won’t be forgetting fast.