Below are instructions on how to measure yourself to determine the best size for your height and body type.


Half_Chest_Measurement  Half Chest Measurement: is taken from the junction of the sleeve and side seam under the arm across the fullest part of the chest to the same junction under the opposite underarm.


 Sleeve Inseam  Sleeve Inseam: is taken from the underarm junction of the sleeve seam and the sideseam straight down the inside of the arm to the hem edge.
 Leg Inseam  Leg Inseam: is taken from the center of the crotch down the inside of the leg to the bottom of the hem.
 Front_Length_Measurement Center Front Length (27P): is taken on the straight line of the center front from the neck to the center of the crotch.
 Waist Measurement  Waist Measurement (CVC): Taken from the center of your side, across over to center of your other side in line with the top of your hip bone.