Flight suits have long been a key factor in safety for pilots around the world. Some of the most popular flight suits on the market today are the 27/p Nomex flight suit and the MK14a Royal Air Force Flight suit or, RAF for short. These suits are both high quality garments that protect users from the various dangerous associated with flying a plane. Although both products do serve a purpose research has suggested that the American made 27/p Nomex is more effective because of the various safety features it provides. Below are some key points about the differences in each of these flight suits:

The 27/p Nomex is sewn to exact military specifications featuring the patented Nomex material. This material is not a lubricant that you simply put on the suit, but made of actual fibers that are sewn into the suit which is comprised of a blend of 92% meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid, and 3% conductive fibers. This material is flame-resistant and was designed for pilots in case they wound up in the worst of conditions. Due to its quality construction, the Nomex flight suit material is extremely light weight and does not fade due to its superior quality.

While the MK14a RAF unit is manufactured to the exact specifications of the British Royal Air force and does have flame-resistant material, the features of the Nomex flight suit, worn by all U.S flight crews, contour to the body in a more exact manner and offer a better fit. The Nomex flight suit has features such as an adjustable waist belt with hook loop closures that align the contours of the suit to your body and makes for a more concise frame which prevents snags or rips. Furthermore the 27/p has a Bi-Swing back that allows for more comfort and improves the range of motion due to the construction of the material.

The 27/P also has six primary pockets that are easily accessible, and several accessory pockets that allow for ease and organization. The RAF has two waist pockets with access to inner garments and an upper arm pocket with three pen holder divisions. Both suits have a verity of pockets so it’s truly a matter of preference when it comes to where the pockets are and how much they hold, however the 27/p does offer more options when it comes to pocket size and variety.

When it comes down to it flight suits are much more than a simple uniform. They provide safety and protection to the men and women in the aviation industry. The 27/p Nomex flight suit offers superiority in all categories. In terms of utility the 27/p beats out the competition with a multitude of main pockets and accessory pockets for max versatility.  And when it comes to comfort no other suit offers such features as the adjustable waist band or Bi-Swing back that maximize conform and accessibility. The 27/p is the clear choice when it comes to protection, utility, and true superiority made in the U.S.A. Click here to learn more about Carter’s 27/p Nomex Flight suits.