5 Key Tips for Maintaining your Nomex Flight Suit

Ok, so you’ve purchased a Nomex Flight Suit from Carter–that’s certainly a step in the right direction. However, properly maintaining your Nomex flight suit is a vital part of ensuring that the various features and properties of the suit remain in tact for years to come. Check out these tips that we have compiled below.  Click here to purchase a Nomex Flight Suit.



How to Determine Which Branch of the Military is Best For You

Do your Research

The US military are continuing to attract large numbers of young men and woman each year. Because of the distinguished military history which this country has, thousands of young men and woman grew up in military homes and therefore the military has remained a part of their lives. Others have friends and family who has excelled in military service and therefore those individuals are themselves motivated to serve their country in one capacity or another.

Deciding which branch of the military is best for you, is very much like deciding on what to study in college. Such a decision could be life changing. Picking the wrong branch can result in you becoming stagnate and making very little progress. The right branch of the military can ultimately help you to excel in the military and make it a long-term career. The reality is that just because one of your parents or a family member has excelled in a specific military career is no guarantee that such a career is suitable for you. This is why it is extremely important to do your own research.


Speak to a Military Recruiter

The military personnel who are responsible for recruiting personnel for the Armed Forces are, in most cases, the perfect people to ask for excellent advice about how a person should proceed in choosing the correct military career. These people often have many years of experience in their specific department and they have gained a lot of insight relating to assigning specific people to a specific positions or within the US military.

It is important to research all of the different departments of the US military as comprehensively as possible as this will give you a better understanding of the duties and requirements associated with each specific branch. Few other national armies present their citizens with the staggering amount of diversity which is available to US citizens who have made the decision to join the US military.

Do not make the mistake, made by so many men and woman before, of joining a specific branch of the military based on the reports which they have heard from family or friends or even the television and media. Although some of these people will succeed, a substantial number could potentially realize that they were misinformed and this may require a change in branch which could substantially delay the progress of your career.


Define your Career Objectives

Where do you see yourself within the next 5 or 10 years? Staying one step ahead and thinking about your future is vital when considering a career in any branch of the military. Once you decide where you want to be 10 years from now, you should then come up with an action plan of sorts—think of it as a road map to achieving your goals.

Defining your career objectives is a major part of setting and achieving life goals. Do you want to make the military a long-term career, or do you have other plans? Answering that question, and similar questions, could help you decide which branch of the military may be best for you to join as some branches have more favorable long-term career options.


Carter Industries is the exclusive supplier of Nomex flight suits to the U.S. Defense force. For more information or to view our inventory, click HERE.

CWU 27-P Nomex Flight Suit

Why Choose Nomex Flight Suits?

If you are looking for superior quality in terms of flight suits and other protective gear, Nomex trumps the competition. Nomex is a quality fabric best known for its protective features, specifically its flame-resistant technology. As if wearers aren’t already sold on that, Nomex is also both durable and comfortable. Read on to learn more about the various amenities that this material provides as it relates to flight suits:

  • Convenience. The original flight suit amounted to a bulky, overweight suit that lacked durability and made it hard for pilots to move in them. These days flight suits, specifically Carter’s Nomex flight suits are made with the Nomex material to ensure flexibility and allow wearers to move more easily. The Nomex flight suits are also conveniently equipped with six functional pockets and a two-way zipper which makes the process of taking the suit on and off, a simple task.


  • Safety. Because Nomex flight suits are most often used by military personnel, safety was a huge concern while it was in the design stages. One of the biggest safety features of this type of flight suits is its flame-resistant material. The interlock technology provided by the Nomex material, helps to keep users safe in case of a fire or minor explosion and greatly increases their chances of survival.


  • Comfort. As previously mentioned, outdated versions of flight suits were made of heavy materials that made the suits bulky and uncomfortable to wear. The purpose of the heavy material was to keep the suit wearers warm. However suits these days not only provide warmth, but comfort as well and without giving users the feeling of being weighed down. Carter’s Nomex flight suits are made to provide a glove-like fit and are equipped with an adjustable waist belt as a means to fit various body shapes and sizes. In addition the suit has a breathable design that allows air to escape when the body is overheated but also provides warmth through insulation properties for when the atmosphere is a little cooler.


  • Quality. Carter’s Nomex suits have superior quality in relation to virtually any other flight suit manufacturer. These suits are solution dyed which helps resists fading and discoloration. In addition the Nomex material is sturdy, secure, and constructed with a rip-top fabric that decreases the likelihood of tares and snags.


Carter Industries is the exclusive supplier of Nomex flight suits to the U.S. Defense force. For more information or to view our inventory, click HERE.

The Future of Pilot Training

IMG_0613Since the Wright brothers first took to the air, millions of men of woman have desired to likewise equip themselves with necessary training so that they too can enjoy the privilege of soaring above the clouds. Unfortunately the rising cost of jet fuel as well as increasing maintenance cost is resulting in a situation where not everyone can afford to enter a quality pilot training program. There are also those who hold the opinion that pilot training in itself has stagnated and are still focused on things which were deemed necessary five decades ago and very little has been done to incorporate modern pilot training methods. There are many that feel that a change in pilot training programs, which takes into account all of the recent discoveries in the aviation industry, could make piloting safer. In addition, pilot training cost could possibly be reduced if redundant training elements could be discarded without impacting on the quality of modern pilot training.


Analyzing Modern Pilot Training Needs

Seasoned industry professionals to analyze the current pilot training curriculum with the objective of determining which parts of the training has become obsolete and what elements could be added in order to better prepare the modern pilot. There is no doubt that the quality of pilot training could be improved dramatically if redundant elements of pilot training are removed and if pilot training will incorporate some of the elements which has been observed over the last decade or two. Many experienced pilots are now saying that pilot training continues to focus on maneuvers and emergency situations, which are no longer the best training methods, in order to condition the modern pilot for situations of which they may be exposed. Some suggest that this kind of outdated pilot training is wasting a lot of time and fails to add any real value to the pilot training process.


Technology changes everything

Some of the elements that places pilot training beyond the reach of the man on the street is cost of jet fuel, maintenance cost, landing costs and exorbitant storage costs. In regards to the last two points, little could be done, but the first two may soon be addressed because of rapid technological advancements. It is not only the motor vehicle industry that is considering electric powered propulsion, but this technology is also researched in the aviation industry. The advantages probably won’t be as dramatic but will include more economic and less maintenance prone aircraft. Electric airplanes will drastically reduce the cost of operating an airplane, since according to well researched facts it will cost in excess of $70 to operate a Cessna 172 for an hour while it is expected that a similar electric airplane will fly at only $5 per hour. The addition of solar panels in the wings will mean that an airplane which has been parked in the sun will have its batteries fully recharged in a couple of days without the use of industrially generated power. There can be no doubt that this will be good news to all those men and women who are dreaming about a career in aviation and piloting.


Carter Industries is the exclusive supplier of Nomex flight suits to the U.S. Defense force. For more information or to view our inventory, click HERE.

6 Reasons Consumers Purchase their Nomex Flight Suits from Carter

Carter is the only official supplier of 27/p Nomex® Flight Suits and ICVC Crewman’s Coveralls to the US Defense Force. Other companies claim to produce authentic 27/p Nomex® Flight Suits however, Carter Industries is the only manufacturer of the genuine article. Beware of replicas. Because we are the official supplier of 27/p Nomex® Flight Suits, our flight suits are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured with the safety of users in mind.

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5 Reasons you Should Consider Joining the Military

file0001842611095For most people, the thought of being a part of the well established organization such as the military is both thrilling and nerve-racking. There are lots of private and public organizations that not only offer a rewarding career but that also help to make a difference in the world, and the military is one of them. Exploring your career options? Here’s a few reasons why you should consider joining the military:

Sense of Patriotism and Duty

The basic purpose of the Military of every nation is to protect the country and its people from all internal and external threats. The military don’t work to earn the profit for its recruits. In hard times, soldiers have to serve the army without any pay and history tells us that lots of soldiers all over the world did this for their country. There are lots of other ways to serve any nation, but if you want to protect your country then Military is the best option.


Good Pay

The global economic condition is not better and there is no chance that it will improve in near future. In this scenario, it is important to have the job that promises you and your family a better future. Every country assigns the maximum budget to the armed forces therefore soldiers get handsome compensation for their services.


Advanced Training to Polish Skills

Military give special technical and physical training to its recruits. The extent of training varies with the nature of duty, but even the basic training is enough to sharpen your skills. With physical training, you can protect yourself from lots of threats. Technical training can help you use your advanced skills in the later part of your career.


Medical Benefits

There are lots of fringe benefits associated with the job in the armed forces. They offer home allowance, paid holidays and free medical services to soldiers and their direct relatives. After joining the military, you can forget all your medical problems because you will get high-quality medical services in first class medical centers.


Opportunities for Advancement & Other Careers

Military retired officers are worth more than you can imagine. Retired military officers can serve in lots of top-class government and private departments. Civilian organizations prefer military retired officers for their higher management post because they are considered to be more composed, disciplined and vigilant in performing their duties.

This list shows that Military has to offer something for everyone. You can join it if you love your country or you can also join it if you want a stable career throughout your life. Moreover, no one tries to hurt military officials so you will enjoy safe life after joining the military. All these benefits don’t come for free. You have to put your best to be the part of Military especially if you want to be in the top ranks. You can analyze your situation, how much effort you can put to get all these short term and long term benefits.

Careers in Aeronautics

Air travel has become an integral part of society’s daily lives. Today’s society is much more connected today thanks to